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Everyone in Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon believes that beautiful, well-groomed nails — the card of any woman.

Not all women from nature have strong nails. Therefore, many are willing to use a professional service to do nails.

Creating an ideal flat shape, symmetry and design often enjoy a very time-consuming, but creative.

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers you two types of nail extensions: Acrylic and Gel.

Acrylics are the oldest form of nail extension in the modern beauty industry.

Gel Extension is the most popular in nowadays.

Advantages of Gel Nail Extensions

  • Gel nails holds more than 3 – 4 weeks (after the correction is required)
  • Created polymer has a structure identical to natural nails which is safe for the nail plate
  • Gel nails are more flexible than acrylic, which means that if you accidentally blow it will not hurt a nail plate (cracks will be only on the gel, the nail plate remains whole)
  • Gel nails are easily corrected if in case you decide to change the shape or design
  • If the natural nails are brittle, gel easily solves this problem— it thickens the structure of nails and your nails grow back easily to the desired size
  • Thanks to the texture of the gel — when applying, the gel fills micro cracks and nail surface becomes smooth and leveled
  • Gel doesn’t smell
  • Nails are easy to build and remove
  • The gel has a beautiful shine that does not require any use of varnish
  • Your nails under gel ‘breathe’ and dry because the gel is permeable to light, air and moisture
  • Gel nails are not deformed by contact with chemical cleaners or acetone, that cannot be said about acrylic
  • With gel extension you can use any of the design options: French, beautiful ornaments, rhinestones, decorative ornaments


Pedicure is one of the pleasing procedures in foot care. It makes you feel well and helps to cheer you up. For best results and to save time it is better to go to our professional, who will do their best to make you feel content.

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers you 4 types of modern pedicure: Classic, Machine/Dry, Combined, Spa Pedicure.

Our master will always advise you on the type of pedicure, which will suit you best.

Classic pedicure is a hand cut pedicure, performed after soaking feet. This type of pedicure is done by using cuticle tweezers and manual scrubbing of the feet with a pumice stone (if it is necessary, a client can request or a master can advise cutting hard skin with a blade). Next, toenails are filed, shaped and buffed, a scrub treatment is applied and a light massage with cream is performed. Varnish or shellac can be applied upon the client’s request (at an additional cost).

Machine/dry pedicure is performed without pre-soaking. The use of the device with special cutters and nozzles eliminates the possibility of cuts. Special skin softening products are applied to help separate rough skin easily and painlessly. A master selects a suitable nozzle according to the skin sensitivity of the client.

Pedicure allows you to safely remove and treat corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and handle cracks. While a master is rubbing off dead skin, they perform a kind of massage on nerve-point and reflex zones. A client gets foot massage, filing and shaping of the nails and at the end of the procedure nail polish or shellac can be applied (upon request at an additional cost).

Combined pedicure is a mixture of the classic and machine/dry pedicures. Foot soles are treated with the machine, and the nail cuticle is trimmed by hand. Followed by a light massage of the feet and application of nail polish or shellac (upon the client’s request).

Additional services:

Foot treatment can be performed after the pedicure. It takes about 20 minutes. The foot mask nourishes and moisturizes the skin. After applying the product, feet are wrapped with cling film and covered with special socks. This is followed by a gentle massage.

After the procedure, pedicure will cease to be a routine, but will instead become a pleasant treat, bringing a sense of relaxation and pleasure.

Massage is a treatment that stimulates blood circulation and provides a sense of lightness.It is performed using a special cosmetic product that penetrates the skin and provides long-lasting nourishing and moisturising of it.

Classic Manicure
Dry Manicure (remove cuticles by machine)
Nails Design
£5 - £10
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure
Gents Manicure
Gents Pedicure
Shellac Gel Polish
Shellac Gel Polish / Manicure
Gel nails
£25 - £30
£18 - £25
Parafin Mask (Hands)
Parafin Mask (Feet)
2 services together
£5 discount

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