Hair Styling & Updos

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers all modern and actual beauty services.Today we offer Hair Styling & Updos for our clients.

Everyone needs a regular hair care. It can be a modern haircut, Hair Colouring, Keratin Straightening or Curling, and also Hair Treatment.

Hair is a reflection of your outward health, an attitude towards yourself. Well-groomed hair, elegant hairstyle gives you more power in self-confidence and own strength. It concerns both men and women.

We are living in the world that is not the same as hundreds years ago. The life is easier with technical innovations but an environmental pollution influences on your body and you should treat your hair, nails and face more often today.

Healthy, beautiful hair – it’s not as difficult as it may seem, and you will be able to see this in our beauty salon.

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers all modern and actual hair services: Everyday Men’s and Women’s Haircut, Hair Styling for Special Occasion, Children’s Haircut, Brand-New Hair Colouring technique Ombre and Balayage, Hair Extensions, Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatment.

Hair Colouring

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers all modern and actual hair services: Brand-New Hair Colouring technique Ombre and Balayage.

What is Balayage Hair Colour?

Balayage is a popular French coloring technique appeared in the 70’s. The word “balayage” means to sweep or to paint which conveys the idea of coloring method. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied horizontally by hand, so you can achieve many different effects from soft, natural highlights to something strong and punky.

Balayage is suitable for any hair length and types, for blonde, brunette and brown.

What is Ombre Hair Colour?

Ombre is a French coloring technique too. This words translates as “shaded” or “shading”. Ombre is usually darker at the roots and then gradually gets lighter to the ends.

Ombre is suitable for those who don’t want to radically change hair color, but only wants to add some freshness to their appearance.

What to choose?

You are warm welcome to come and ask! Our stylist in Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon will help you to find the best coloring for you.

Micromist Hair Treatment

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers you Micromist Hair Treatment.



The MicroMist repairs your hair, giving strength, suppleness and a longer lasting shine.

How Micromist works?

  • Micromist sweels hair and opens cuticle, the cool air closes it and traps treatment inside
  • Micromist moisturizes and conditions
  • Microscopic droplets that circulate around the head

Selective densi-fill treatment

A two-component reconstruction treatment with a filler-effect for fine or damaged hair.

A professional treatment with an immediate effect, for salon use only. It reconstructs damaged hair and makes it denser by filling it from the inside. It leaves hair visibly thicker and full of volume, without weighing it down.

Active principles
IALURONIC ACID: Restores the hydration of the hair, with significant results in terms of beauty and compactness.
MARINE COLLAGEN: thanks to its sealing action, keeps hyaluronic acid into the hair allowing it to perform its intensive moisturizing action. It fills the hair from the inside, with an immediate filler effect. The hair is regenerated, full-bodied and elastic.
KERATIN AMINO ACIDS: Penetrate into the cortex and maintain the hair deeply hydrated.

Ladies Hair Wash, Cut & Blow Dry (short/medium)
from £30
Ladies Hair Wash, Cut & Blow Dry (long)
from £40
Children Hair Cuts (boys or girls up to 6 years)
from £10
Men Hair Cut & Style
£12 - £15
Hair Colour (tint) Roots (1 inch)
from £35
Hair Colour (tint) Full Head (short / medium)
from £50
Hair Colour (tint) Full Head (long / extra long)
from £69
Balayage / Ombré Technic
from £139
Retouch Balayage / Ombré
£95 -£120
Airtouch Technic Hair Colour
from £165
Highlights Full Head (short-medium length)
£70 - £120
Retouch highlights Roots
£55 - £95
T-Sections Highlights
Hair cut / trim / restyle with any hair colour
(free blow dry included)

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