LVL Natural Lash Lifting Treatment

Elli’s Hair & Beauty salon offers its clients LVL Natural Lash Lifting treatment. You will get longer, lifted lashes for six to eight weeks. This is an immediate result, so you are always ready to go!

What is LVL Natural Lash Lifting Treatment?

Natural lifting of your eyelashes which lifts your natural lashes at the root creating curlier, longer, and lifting effects of lashes.

How often can I do thisTreatment?

Usually, you can repeat this treatment every 5-6 weeks, but not earlier than that because it’s can hurt your eyelashes.


It’s really important to have good aftercare. Which can help you to have a good quality of service? It’s important to follow the simple rules: 24 hours after treatment to avoid any water contact ( no steam, warm, sweats ). Once you break this rule and your lashes get wet, they will fall back to their normal structure and lift will drop.

How long does the treatment take:

– it takes 1 hour to provide all service – it’s can take an extra 10 min for consultation and allergy test