We offer Maxima, Novex and Inoar Professional Cosmetics

We offer Maxima, Novex and Inoar Professional Cosmetics

We offer Maxima, Novex and Inoar Professional Cosmetics. Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, Inoar Argan Oil has a high lubricating capacity, protects hair during chemical processes and promotes hair fiber renovation, restoring shine and flexibility that the hair loss caused by daily harmful agents.
The versatility of Inoar Argan Oil allows aggregation of its benefits to a broad array of hair treatments, propitiating high-quality results.

Applications: Colouring
Protects hair against dry out and daily harmful agents, leaving color more vibrant and hair incredibly soft. Histaminic Hydration
Rich in Vitamin E, it restores life, hydrates and prevents dry out. Finalization
After the hairdo is done, apply to hair to provide shine, eliminate frizz and protect against humidity. Rejuvenation of hairs
Considered a natural and exceptional anti-ager, Argan Oil is recommended for dried out and opaque hair. Schedule periodically hydration with your client for rejuvenation of hairs. Inoar

Powerful volume reduction treatment, it is ideal to tame even the most rebellious type of hair, combining the realignment of hairs to an expressive replenishment of keratin that eliminates the porous aspect, transforming opaque and rough hair into silky straight and very shiny hair. Inoar

It is very rich in Jojoba Oil, wheat Germ, Penthanol, White Clay, Cocoa Butter, Hydrolysed Keratin and KEM3 Complex. Its active agents leave the hair smooth and shiny. It is very suitable for medium and fine hair. Also, it is compatible with any chemically treated hair. Inoar